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80 Best Restaurant Name Ideas, Naming Conventions, Checklist & Template

There are a lot of factors to consider before naming your dream restaurant. We have covered almost everything you need to know before finalizing the name for your restaurant business, dos, & don'ts, naming conventions, restaurant naming checklist followed by a template to make your day better.

Know your Restaurant’s Mission & Vision Statements:

If you are aware of the fact that why you are starting your restaurant business and how do you want your restaurant to be remembered for a long period of time, you can draft your mission & vision statements easily.

In short mission & vision statements are the short term & long term goals in a written format of your restaurant business respectively. When you are finalized with this, you can move on to naming your restaurant.

Incorporate your brand’s tone of voice:

This is the most important aspect of naming your business. Finalize your Brand’s voice and use it steadily across all forms of communication.

Right from your restaurant name to your marketing messages, you will have to follow a similar tone to stay consistent.

A few examples to inspire you would be:

1. A quirky tone

A fun, lively & young tone. This is ideally suitable for the restaurant when your target audiences are teens& adults who are looking out for a casual style of dineout or an hangout spot with their friends & colleagues.

You may also have to know the current trends to stay sassy, cheeky and entertain your customers.

2. A formal tone

Go for a formal tone of voice if you are starting a restaurant that is more into fine dining. Your audience would carry themselves in a dignified manner and probably look out for elegance and a classy experience.

3. A semi-formal tone (A mix of formal & casual)

You can use a semi-formal brand’s voice to show your formal communication and also a bit of a casual approach here and there. It’s not a complete formal tone where you use jargons to prove you are knowledgeable. You can also choose to be a bit casual at times whenever necessary.

Brainstorm with your peers and jot down your restaurant name ideas in a paper or google sheet

A group of people can bring a lot of ideas than a single person. But, few people prefer to think on their own and come up with ideas and different combinations.

You can choose whatever works well with you and start working on it. As you get ideas for your restaurant names, start writing them down on a piece of paper or in a Google Sheet to have a digital format.

You can also share the sheet with your friends to get their ideas

Here are 80 best Restaurant names, naming ideas & naming formats to inspire you:

We will use a simple combination and short format that will be useful for you to come up with more restaurant name ideas of your own

Feel free to navigate to any of the sections using these jump links

1. “Color” + Your Idea

Restaurant name examples include:

  1. Black Ocean

  2. Blue Lagoon

  3. White Star

  4. Grey Kitchen

  5. Green House

  6. Red Lamp

  7. Purple Spoon

  8. Orange Island

  9. Teal Gardens

  10. Ivory Dining

2. Astronomical Names (Our favourite)

11. Jupiter Kitchen

12. Titan Bowl

13. Northern Lights

14. Aurora Infusion

15. Mercury Cave

16. Nova Zest

17. Pandora Platter

18. Sunshine

19. Moon Light

20. Flare Cafe

3. Restaurant name ideas from Movie Names

21. Fork Club (Fight Club. Sorry, we broke its 1st rule)

22. Food Fellas (Good fellas)

23. Foodwill Hunting (Goodwill Hunting)

24. Thousand Island (Shutter Island)

25. Seven Steaks (Seven Samurai)

26. Reservoir Knives (Reservoir Dogs)

27. Reservoir Chefs

28. Chef Tales (Wild Tales)

29. The Dark Knife (The Dark Knight)

30. The Lord of the Drinks (The Lord of the Rings)

4. Cool Restaurant Names with pets & animals names

31. Drunken Monkey

32. Drunken Dragon

33. Ancient Cat

34. West Wolf

35. Snow Lion

36. Happy Hour Husky

37. Omakase Dolphin

38. Chef’s Retriever

39. Saucier Fox

40. Greek Cat

5. Your Name + Idea

41. Dwight’s Kitchen

42. Chef Robin

43. Chef Anna

44. Michael’s Menu

45. Bing’s Signature Dish

46. Made by Leo

47. Albert’s Restaurant

48. Emily’s Cafe

49. Steve’s Grill House

50. Kane’s spices

6. Restaurant names inspired by countries & regions

51. Arabian Kebab

52. British curry

53. Chicago Chicken Nuggets

54. Colorado Springs

55. Indian Spices

56. Arctic Platter

57. Punjabi Dhaba

58. Mexican Delight

59. Italian Pizza

60. Pad Thai

7. Restaurant name with your iconic dish

61. Dosa Wala

62. Pizza Bois

63. Chillhub Barbeque

64. Steak Street

65. Curry Leaves

66. Ginger Kitchen

67. Pasta Palace

68. Spice & Seasoning

69. Quick Bites

70. Dine & Wine (I wanna be dined and wined and sixty ... - Kevin Malone, Accountant, Dunder Mifflin)

8. Restaurant naming ideas using restaurant terms

71. Chef De Cuisine

72. Hot Knife

73. Pasta Pan

74. Slice & Dice

75. Chef’s Table

76. Grill & Barbeque

77. Chef’s Knife

78. Signature Dish

79. Master Chef

80. Mint & Marinate

Use a restaurant business name generator tool

A name generator tool can be used to efficiently find and shortlist your restaurant names. With just a few inputs from your side, you can get a lot of restaurant name ideas you can use in real and save you a whole bunch of time.

Here are 4 restaurant business name generator tools and apps that you can use

  1. Biz Name Wiz

  2. Business Name Generator

  3. Namelix Business Name Generator

  4. Name Bounce

Restaurant Name checklist:

  • Easy to pronounce

  • Easy to understand

  • Easy to Remember

  • Your Target audience would love this

Restaurant Name Template

We know it’s easier said than done. It’s quite difficult to remember all your restaurant name ideas and also make sure they tick the checklist boxes.

To make your life easier, we have created a Google Sheet template, with names and an essential checklist to name your restaurant business.

Restaurant business name ideas template with a checklist

You can download our restaurant name checklist template here

You can easily shortlist your restaurant names that check all 4 boxes. Anything less than that is not an ideal name for your business.

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