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27 Restaurant Facebook Marketing Ideas That Works

Almost everyone uses Facebook. With more than 2.23 Billion monthly users, it is the #1 social media platform on the planet, right now. What started as a small social networking platform is now the virtual home for every Facebook user.

From images to videos, marketplaces, Facebook groups for like-minded people, Facebook Page to create a fan following, Facebook Reels to encourage more mobile-first content (vertical videos), Messenger, Stories, and events, Facebook has everything in it.

And, this becomes the most viable option to market your restaurant and grab your audiences’ attention in 2022

You need to consider restaurant Facebook marketing for 2 main reasons

1. Build brand awareness

2. Find new customers for your restaurant

Some cool stats for restaurant business owners from Facebook:

Decision making: 84% of consumers decide where to eat < 1 hour before a meal

Importance of a mobile app: 63% of millennials have at least 1 quick-service app on their phones

Ease of usage: 45% of consumers say that offering mobile ordering or loyalty programs would encourage them to use online ordering services more often.

Source: Facebook

Here are 27 Facebook marketing ideas for restaurants to create brand awareness, win & retain new clients:

1. Update Facebook Business Page details

Let's begin with the absolute basics - adding proper business details of your restaurant business on Facebook.

This includes every piece of information like

  1. Your business info & description

  2. Mode of service (takeaway, delivery, dine-in)

  3. Cuisine type

  4. Uploading your menu

  5. Call To Action (Like a Book Now button)

Uploading restaurant menu in your Facebook page

2. Invite your friends & family to like & share your Facebook Pages

This is inevitable. You can’t really expect your target audience to directly follow your page without an initial push from your friends.

As your friends start liking your page and engage with it, their friends would find their activity and your Page in their Feed.

This increases your brand visibility and if your content resonates with them, you can gain a follower.

And, if it is something really good, you can see them like your posts, interacting with your brand, and sharing it with their friends. And, the cycle continues.

3. Post some eye-catching images

Social media is a visual world. One good picture delivers greater details than a block of texts. Always choose images of your food with the best lighting.

You can use your mobile phone or use a professional camera, or even hire a professional photographer who can help you with this.

Also, pin your best performing post or most helpful post at the top of your restaurant's Facebook Page. That way, your audience won’t miss the juicy part.

Facebook marketing for restaurants using high quality images as posts to capture attention

Use some free tools like Canva and design your own Facebook posts with a mix of creativity & your brand's tone of voice

Restaurant facebook marketing using creative posts

4. Run Facebook Ads

The primary objectives for running Facebook ads for your restaurant business are

  1. To drive brand awareness

  2. Make an online order

  3. Make an inquiry

  4. Showcase special offers

  5. Install your app

  6. Take them to your restaurant website

  7. Provide in-store offers during physical store visits.

Here are some case studies from different restaurants that have succeeded using Facebook ads

Restaurant Facebook marketing using Facebook ads examples

5. Upload videos that are binge-worthy

No one likes to be sold every time. Most restaurant owners tend to forget this part.

In order to build your brand, you got to go a step ahead and start posting about

  1. Customer testimonials

  2. Cooking videos

  3. Restaurant tours

  4. Food information kind of posts

It’s best if you could stick to the current trend by adding trendy music. This way, you’ll easily get noticed when your target audiences are viewing posts from this trend, they are more likely to come across your posts.

Pro Tip: Use a Facebook post scheduler to plan all your posts and go live at a specific time. This saves a lot of time that goes on creatives on a daily basis.

Facebook restaurant marketing using videos that are engaging and binge-worthy

6. Reels Reels Reels

Reels are the new black of social media. Vertical videos are ruling all over the internet.

Short-form videos are addictive as they are SHORT in length (less than 1 minute) compared to traditional Youtube videos that are a few minutes long.

With highly personalized content in the feed, reels grab users’ attention and they don’t really feel the clock ticking.

The creator economy is booming and anyone with a mobile phone could shoot a video, add some music, do some basic editing, and BOOM.

Influencers, food vloggers, food reviewers, food explorers are already using this feature to its fullest.

Your target audiences are consuming reels content and you just have to get started if you haven’t already.

7. Use relevant hashtags

Hashtags on Facebook or Instagram work just like how Google works. If you click a hashtag you can see the whole bunch of posts that have the same hashtags to them.

Let’s say I’m a Facebook user and I’m searching for posts that have #chickentikka and if I see a post from your Facebook page, I’ll probably click through your Page to see more such posts.

If it is something I like to see, I will remember your brand name, talk about this to my friends and when we are planning to eat from a restaurant, you are gonna be the first restaurant that we are going to think of.

All because of the credibility and authenticity of your brand.

Now, this is actual marketing. And, not just trying to persuade 24*7 to people who don’t know you and are not ready to buy.

8. Run contests

Contests are the quickest way to spread your brand name across your target market.

There are a lot of online contests or competitions for restaurant businesses. You can choose any one of them like

“Caption This” type of contests - Post a funny picture and ask your participants to caption this. Reward the best caption with a giveaway or a gift of your own.

Quiz - Ask a question about a new series or a song lyric and reward any 3 of your participants.

“Best food images” or “Your favourite food image” - Ask your participants to post their best food images and tag your brand.

“Come up with fun names for dishes” - Give a list of ingredients and let your participants choose a name for the final dish. It would be really fun :D

"Guess the dish name"

Set up a few requirements/criteria for participating in the contests. All these help you in viral marketing and more reach than paying for Facebook ads

1. Like the post

2. Comment & Tag your friend

3. Share the post in your story using your hashtag

Promoting your restaurant contests on Facebook:

Run Facebook ads. Mention the prize, benefits, or giveaway and make an offer they simply can’t refuse :)

You can also partner up with local stores like supermarkets or bookstores and request them to promote your contest.

Ask your restaurant supplier to spread the word among their fans & communities. After all, everyone loves to participate in a fun-filled contest.

9. Post Facebook stories

The best part of posting Facebook stories are, you will be featured at the top of their feed all the time with a preview.

To get your story viewed by your followers you will have to choose the best image and that should entice your fans. If you add multiple images & videos to your story, your first asset will be chosen as a preview.

Also, just like your regular Facebook post, your story will also have reaction features and an option to reply. All your day-to-day Facebook posts can also go to your stories in addition to candid clicks of your business, including food pictures, cooking videos, knife skills and much more.

10. Go Facebook Live:

When you go Facebook Live, your followers will be notified so they can hop on the session.

You can live stream your celebrations, special occasions, Q&A sessions, interactive sessions with the chef, and we believe almost anything that happens in a restaurant on a daily basis has a good potential to be in Facebook Live.

You will have to write a good description for your Facebook Live as it is the first thing users see in their feed.

Show people what you are passionate about and let them know that you’re the best in the business.

Restaurant marketing using Facebook Live feature

11. Know the best time to post on Facebook :

You don’t have to post when your target audience and followers are not online.

Ideally, you should post when your audiences are online, scrolling, and consuming information.

Some peak traffic times include 1 pm - 3 pm and at 7 pm. And you should go all-in during weekends.

You can double down or even triple down on the number of posts that you publish. You can also try and experiment with different schedules to see if they work better.

Remember, all you have to do is to post when your audience are online

12. Use Restaurant Quotes

This includes restaurant quotes, food quotes, chef quotes, craving quotes that are inviting.

Here are a few examples that you can use for your Facebook posts

1. A good restaurant is like a vacation; it transports you, and it becomes a lot more than just about the food.

2. You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy food, and that’s kind of the same thing.

3. I always had a fantasy of being a chef, because I like kitchen life.

4. One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if hasn’t dined well

5. An empty stomach is the Devil’s playground

13. Engage with your audience - Like & respond to their comments

No one likes a single mode of communication. Even bigger brands like Google engage with their audiences by adding valuable comments.

When someone drops a comment on your Facebook post, you can react to it and respond to their comment.

Use your brand’s tone of voice effectively across the platform. If your restaurant serves the younger generation, you can use the fun, lively, and quirky tone of voice.

Also, add trendy references like latest songs, movies, and series.

14. Get ratings & reviews from your customers -

People trust people. Get reviews from your customers and share them across your Facebook page.

You can schedule one post per week, it can be an image post, reel or a video review, or a carousel.

Adding these types of reviews would add an insane amount of credibility and trust to your brand that makes your audience go with your brand

Restaurant reviews for your Facebook page gives a good impression and helps in marketing

15. Bring your Team members online

Bring your team members in front of your followers by including “Meet The Team” series - A short interview about their day in life with a crisp video that educates & inspires your target audience

16. Feature your restaurant customers’

Post your customers’ selfies and pictures on your Facebook Page.

Make them feel valuable. This results in them resharing the post and making it reach their followers.

17. Q & A sessions with your followers

You can host Q&A sessions in many places like Facebook stories, posts, Facebook Live.

This allows you to directly engage with your followers and let your future customers see what your brand stands for.

You are more likely to gain followers and new customers when you come across a brand, that interacts with its followers on a regular basis.

18. Partner with Local Businesses

You can partner with local Supermarkets, local farms, book stores, vendors and co-promote your businesses and it allows you to reach a much wider audience.

This can be put into action as simple as giving out your restaurant’s coupons in supermarket checkouts, or in book stores.

In return, you can market their brands in your restaurant store by offering promo codes for supermarkets, book stores, etc.

19. Partner with influencers

Influencer marketing is the need of the hour. Almost every business in this technology era including tech-savvy businesses to salons had to partner with influencers to help improve their businesses.

For the restaurant industry, influencers are mainly food vloggers, food explorers, restaurant reviewers, regional celebrities, and whoever has a good amount of followers in your space.

Restaurant Facebook marketing with the help of food influencers and food vloggers

Just look at the number of Likes, Comments, and Shares this post has received so far. And these are just engagement numbers. The sexy part is in the post reach.

If this post has received 972 Likes so far, it should have easily reached at least 150,000 people on Facebook. And, that's the power of influencer marketing.

20. Drop a meaningful comment in other relevant regional giant pages

This is the most underrated way. Most of the users would love to visit the comment section and if your comment is adding value, you will get noticed.

Stick to your brand's tone of voice and drop quirky or funny comments if you have to come across as a cheerful brand.

Use some famous quotes that resonate with the post as well as attract others. As you start receiving likes & comments to your original comment, your brand name is most likely to be at the top of the comment section and don't forget the huge brand awareness your brand is receiving because of this.

As a rule of thumb, don't overdo the commenting strategy. Keep them minimal as possible, and it's best to drop 10 comments max per day on other pages' posts and do them at different times.

21. Tag other big Facebook Pages

When you post something related to other giant Facebook pages, tag them in your post.

As they get a huge amount of footfalls to their Facebook Page, chances are likely that their followers get to see your posts and be aware of your brand.

22. Show off offer messages

Bring 5, pay for 4, birthday, anniversary, and other special occasion offers like New Year, Christmas, etc.

Restaurant offer messages for Facebook marketing

23. Add live chat to your website using Facebook Messenger

If you have a website and your website visitors have to chat with your business, you can integrate your Facebook Messenger and it will send them directly to messenger conversation to chat with your business.

The entire process is documented and you can check them here.

24. Run membership & loyalty programs

You can post images and videos about your membership programs. Include the benefit/value your customers can get out of it.

Let them visualize the apparent differentiation your membership program would fetch.

You can make the offer limited for a few days to induce urgency and FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

25. Stay with the trend

You can add relevant trendy themes in your restaurant to add some unique value in the crowded market. For example Squid Game references, "Kaidhi Biryani" restaurant after Kaidhi movie launch.

Here is a restaurant that has used current trends wisely, by including Squid Game theme

Restaurant facebook marketing introducing trendy topics and themes like squid game

26. Join in Food finding groups

This is the most unused tactic by most restaurateurs. You will have to search for relevant Facebook groups where foodies and your target audience would spend time.

Pro Tip: Use the Facebook search bar and enter your "region name + food" or "region name + restaurants" + "region name + pizzas" or your restaurant category and select "Groups" among the filters to view groups alone.

It’s not so easy to directly step in and promote your restaurant right away.

You have to interact with the members’ posts by reacting to them, dropping a meaningful comment (don’t just comment for the sake of it, add some value to it)

You will earn some sort of a badge based on your engagement rates and it would bring a sort of good impression among the admins.

Now, ask them the favour of promoting your restaurant in the group. Let them know why their group members would find it useful.

If they agree to a paid promotion, and you believe you can gain some new customers out of this, you can go for it.

27. Start a series:

Here are some interesting ideas:

1. Food for thought: Some interesting facts about food, culture, evolution, and its history.

2. Sharing is caring: Share your recipes every week. Don’t think that your competitors would copy yours and improve their business.

When you share recipes, it puts you in a forward position than your competitors in the market and you will be named as a thought leader in the space.

People would more likely trust a brand, that knows what they are doing, and give away useful information.

Pro Tip: Use the Facebook Business Page analytics to get a holistic view of your followers, post performance, reach, audience demographics, and other crucial metrics that can help you in decision-making.

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