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399+ Egyptian restaurant names ideas list

Egyptian cuisine, celebrated for its rich flavors and diverse influences, offers a delightful journey through its culinary heritage. Traditional eateries like Koshary Abou Tarek and El Fishawy Café are iconic names in Egypt. Koshary Abou Tarek is famous for serving koshary, a beloved national dish made of rice, macaroni, lentils, chickpeas, and spicy tomato sauce topped with crispy fried onions. The ambiance is casual and bustling, attracting both locals and tourists.

Meanwhile, El Fishawy Café, located in Cairo's Khan El Khalili bazaar, is celebrated for its traditional Egyptian tea, coffee, and a variety of sweets, offering a historic and atmospheric setting. Felfela and Naguib Mahfouz Café also stand out, providing cozy environments where guests can enjoy ful medames, taameya (Egyptian falafel), grilled meats, and a literary vibe, respectively.


Kazouza brings a retro and nostalgic atmosphere, offering classic dishes with a modern twist. For themed and specialty dining, Andrea Mariouteya and Abou El Sid provide unique experiences. Andrea Mariouteya is known for its grilled meats in a rustic, outdoorsy setting, while Abou El Sid offers a luxurious environment with hearty Egyptian dishes.

Creative names for Egyptian restaurants:

  • Pyramid Plates

  • Cairo Spice

  • Nile Bites 

  • Pharaoh's Feast 

  • Desert Delicacies

  • Giza Grills 

  • Ancient Aroma

  • Cleopatra’s Kitchen

  • Luxor Lounge

  • Sphinx Savory

  • Oasis Oasis

  • Horus Hearth

  • Papyrus Plates

  • Mummy Meals

  • Lotus Leaf Bistro

  • Pasha Plates

  • Delta Dining

  • Temple Taste

  • Coptic Cuisine

  • Sinai Sizzle

  • Scarabeo Bistro

  • Ra's Recipes

  • Nefertiti's Nibbles

  • Tut's Table 

  • Karnak Kitchen 

Unique names for Egyptian restaurants:

  • Ankh Eatery

  • Osiris Oven

  • Ptolemy Plates

  • Isis Indulgence 

  • Sekhmet's Sizzle 

  • Amun's Aroma

  • Serapis Supper 

  • Memphis Morsels 

  • Bastet's Bites 

  • Thoth's Tastes 

  • Heracleion Haven 

  • Nut's Nook

  • Hathor's Hearth

  • Sobek's Savor 

  • Heliopolis Haven

  • Anubis’ Appetite 

  • Maat's Meals

  • Taweret’s Table 

  • Abydos Dining 

  • Nephthys Nibbles 

  • Rosetta Recipes 

  • Tanis Treats

  • Gebel Gourmet

  • Medinet Menu 

  • Edfu Eats

Pun-inspired names for Egyptian restaurants:

  • Falafels of the Nile

  • Sphinx & Chips

  • PyramEats

  • Tut's Tummy Treats

  • Shawarma Sphinx

  • Pharaoh’s Fare

  • Baba Ganoush Bistro

  • Cairo Cuisine

  • Hummus Among Us 

  • The Great Pita 

  • Cleopatra's Canteen 

  • Pharaoh's Feastival 

  • Koshary Kingdom 

  • Grill of the Gods

  • Wrap of the Sphinx 

  • Feta of the Nile 

  • The Oasis Plate 

  • Mystical Mezze

  • The Nile Diner

  • Falafel Pharaohs

  • Sphinxalicious 

  • Pharaoh's Fries 

  • Pita Pyramid

  • The Hummus Hut

  • Falafel Fables

Here are some names for Egyptian restaurants that draw on cultural references:

  • Hieroglyphic Haven 

  • Nile Nomads 

  • Papyrus Plates 

  • Pharaoh’s Pantry

  • Giza Gourmet

  • Temple Tastes 

  • Sphinx Savory 

  • Luxor Larder 

  • Cairo Cuisinart 

  • Cleopatra’s Cuisine 

  • Nefertiti's Nook 

  • Karnak Kitchen 

  • Delta Delights 

  • Memphis Meals 

  • Pyramid Provisions 

  • Osiris Oasis 

  • Thebes Table 

  • Horus Harvest 

  • Abydos Appetites 

  • Anubis Nourishment 

  • Serapis Savors 

  • Isis Indulgence

  • Hathor’s Hearth 

  • Sobek’s Sustenance 

  • Ptah’s Plates


Great rhyming names for Egyptian restaurants:

  • Nile Style

  • Pharaoh's Fare

  • Cairo Bistro 

  • Cleopatra’s Delight 

  • Giza Pizza 

  • Luxor Dine & More 

  • Sphinx Drinks

  • Pyramid Prime 

  • Temple Tremble 

  • Horus Chorus

  • Papyrus Bliss

  • Anubis Cubes 

  • Osiris Dishes 

  • Memphis Munch

  • Delta Shelter

  • Thebes Feasts 

  • Serapis Tapis 

  • Isis Slices 

  • Sahara Aroma 

  • Desert Dessert 

  • Bastet Basket 

  • Ra’s Spa 

  • Falafel Funnel 

  • Mummy Tummy

  • Taweret To Eat


Perfect alliterative names for Egyptian restaurants:

  • Pharaoh's Phare

  • Cairo Cravings 

  • Luxor Lounge 

  • Sphinx's Spice 

  • Pyramid Pantry 

  • Temple Tastes 

  • Horus's Hearth 

  • Papyrus Palate 

  • Anubis's Appetite

  • Osiris Oasis 

  • Memphis Munchies 

  • Delta Delights 

  • Thebes Treats

  • Serapis Supper 

  • Isis's Infusion 

  • Sahara Savory 

  • Desert Delicacies 

  • Bastet's Bites 

  • Ra's Recipes 

  • Nile Nibbles 

  • Mummy's Menu 

  • Tut's Table 

  • Khufu's Kitchen

  • Amun's Ambrosia 

  • Giza Gourmet


Catchy names for Egyptian restaurants:

  • Nile Nosh 

  • Pharaoh's Feast 

  • Sphinx Sizzle 

  • Cairo Crave 

  • Pyramid Pita 

  • Temple Tastes 

  • Horus's Hearth

  • Papyrus Plate

  • Anubis Appetite

  • Osiris Oasis 

  • Memphis Mezze

  • Delta Dining

  • Thebes Table 

  • Serapis Spice 

  • Isis Indulge 

  • Sahara Savory 

  • Desert Delights 

  • Bastet Bistro 

  • Ra's Repast 

  • Nefertiti Nibbles 

  • Tut's Treats 

  • Khufu's Kitchen 

  • Amun's Ambrosia 

  • Giza Grill


Fancy names for Egyptian restaurants:

  • Royal Nile Dining 

  • Pharaoh's Table 

  • Elysian Eats 

  • Luxor Delicatessen 

  • Sphinx's Gourmet 

  • Pyramid Elegance 

  • Temple Terrace 

  • Horus's Haven 

  • Papyrus Palace 

  • Anubis's Banquet 

  • Osiris Opulence 

  • Memphis Mansion 

  • Delta Dynasty

  • Thebes Banquet Hall 

  • Serapis Splendor 

  • Isis's Epicure 

  • Sahara Sovereign 

  • Desert Rose Dining

  • Bastet's Boudoir

  • Ra's Regale

  • Nefertiti's Noble Nosh

  • Tutankhamun's Table

  • Khufu's Fine Fare

  • Amun's Abode

  • Giza Gala


Seafood-focused names for Egyptian restaurants:

  • Nile Catch

  • Pharaoh's Fishery

  • Sphinx Seafood

  • Cairo Crustaceans 

  • Pyramid Prawns

  • Temple Trawlers

  • Horus's Harbor

  • Papyrus Platter 

  • Anubis Anchors

  • Osiris Oysters 

  • Memphis Mussels 

  • Delta Delicacies 

  • Thebes Tides 

  • Serapis Shellfish

  • Isis's Isle 

  • Sahara Shrimp 

  • Desert Divers 

  • Bastet's Bounty 

  • Ra's Reef 

  • Nefertiti's Nets 

  • Tut's Trawls

  • Khufu's Kelp 

  • Amun's Aquatic 

  • Giza Galleys


Modern and contemporary names for Egyptian restaurants:

  • Urban Nile Dining

  • Fusion Pharaoh 

  • Cairo Modern Bistro 

  • Pyramid Fusion Kitchen 

  • Temple Street Eats

  • Horus Urban Eatery 

  • Papyrus Pantry

  • Anubis Modern Cuisine 

  • Osiris Social Kitchen 

  • Memphis Metro Bites

  • Delta Dining Co.

  • Thebes Trendy Bistro

  • Serapis Fusion Lounge 

  • Isis Contemporary Kitchen

  • Sahara Modern Eatery 

  • Desert Chic Cuisine 

  • Bastet's Urban Kitchen

  • Ra's Modern Flavors

  • Nefertiti's Contemporary Bites

  • Tut's Modern Table 

  • Khufu's Fusion Dining 

  • Amun's Urban Plates 

  • Giza Gourmet Hub


Fine dining names for Egyptian restaurants:

  • Nile Elegance 

  • Pharaoh's Table 

  • Sphinx Splendor 

  • Cairo Opulence 

  • Pyramid Prestige

  • Temple Gastronomy

  • Horus's Delight 

  • Papyrus Perfection 

  • Anubis's Gourmet 

  • Osiris's Excellence 

  • Memphis Manor 

  • Delta Decadence 

  • Thebes Tasting Room 

  • Serapis's Supper Club 

  • Isis's Fine Fare 

  • Sahara Serenade

  • Desert Rose Dining 

  • Bastet's Banquet 

  • Ra's Regal Dining

  • Nefertiti's Noble Cuisine

  • Tutankhamun's Table

  • Khufu's Culinary Experience

  • Amun's Gourmet Haven 

  • Giza Grandeur


Cool and trendy names for Egyptian restaurants:

  • Nile Vibes

  • Pharaoh's Den 

  • Sphinx Lounge 

  • Cairo Chill 

  • Pyramid Pulse 

  • Temple Tapas 

  • Horus Hangout

  • Papyrus Parlor 

  • Anubis Alley 

  • Osiris Outpost 

  • Memphis Mix

  • Delta Dive 

  • Thebes Thirst

  • Serapis Social 

  • Isis's Hub 

  • Sahara Spot

  • Desert Dwell 

  • Bastet's Beat 

  • Ra's Roost 

  • Nefertiti's Nook 

  • Tut's Twist

  • Khufu's Corner 

  • Amun's Aura 

  • Giza Groove 

Food-focused names for Egyptian restaurants:

  • Koshary Kingdom

  • Falafel Oasis 

  • Shawarma Sphinx 

  • Hummus Haven 

  • Tahini Treats 

  • Ful Medames Feast 

  • Taameya Terrace

  • Molokhia Mansion 

  • Mahshi Manor 

  • Baklava Bistro 

  • Kofta Corner 

  • Mezze Mirage 

  • Dates Delight 

  • Halawa Hideaway 

  • Sambusa Spot 

  • Baladi Bites 

  • Kunafa Cove 

  • Mango Market 

  • Fasolia Fiesta 

  • Balah Baladi 

  • Makarona Mahshi 

  • Bassboussa Boutique 

  • Meshaltet Munchies 

  • Bamya Bungalow


Restaurant names inspired by movie references with an Egyptian twist:

  • Cleopatra's Feast 

  • Nile Noir 

  • Sphinx Supper 

  • The Mummy's Table 

  • Pharaoh's Dine 

  • Egyptian Enchantment 

  • Scarab Scullery 

  • Anubis's Appetite 

  • Ra's Banquet

  • Desert Diner 

  • Nefertiti's Nosh 

  • Luxor Lounge 

  • Pyramid Picnic 

  • Tut's Tavern 

  • Karnak Kitchen 

  • Oasis Ode 

  • Valley of the Kings Dining

  • Aswan Ambrosia

  • Memphis Menu 

  • Giza Gastronomy 

  • Thebes Tasting 

  • Alexandria Appetizers 

  • Amarna Dining 

  • Cairo Cuisine


Restaurant names inspired by songs with an Egyptian twist: 

  • Walk Like an Egyptian Eatery 

  • Nile River Blues Bistro 

  • Cleopatra's Serenade 

  • Sphinx's Symphony 

  • Pharaoh's Melody 

  • Desert Rose Diner 

  • Anubis's Anthem 

  • Luxor Lullaby Lounge 

  • Pyramid Party Place 

  • Ra's Rhythm Restaurant 

  • Osiris's Opera

  • Memphis Soul Supper

  • Delta Blues Cafe 

  • Thebes Beat Bistro 

  • Isis's Harmony 

  • Sahara Sunset Supper 

  • Karnak Karaoke Kitchen 

  • Oasis Oasis Overture 

  • Cairo Carnival Cuisine 

  • Tut's Tempo Tavern 

  • Giza Groove Grill

  • Amun's Acoustic Alcove

  • Rock the Nile Restaurant

  • Valley of the Kings Venue


Funny and lighthearted names for Egyptian restaurants:

  • Pyramid Pita Pit

  • Sphinx Snacks Shack

  • Pharaoh's Phast Food 

  • Cairo Kebab Kiosk 

  • Nile Nosh Nook 

  • Hieroglyphic Hotpot 

  • Tut's Tacos 

  • Mummy's Munchies 

  • Cleopatra's Cleaver 

  • Sphinx Sizzle Shack 

  • Papyrus Pizza Palace 

  • Anubis's Nibbles 

  • Osiris's Oddities

  • Memphis Mezze Madness

  • Delta Diner 

  • Thebes Tummy Ticklers 

  • Ra's Wraps 

  • Desert Dog Den

  • Bastet's Burger Bar

  • Nefertiti's Nuggets 

  • Tomb Toasties 

  • Scarab Snacks 

  • Horus Hot Dogs 

  • Pharaoh Fries Palace 

  • Giza Grub Hub


5 best Egypt restaurant name generators that can save you tons of time 

Using a restaurant name generator can be incredibly helpful when brainstorming ideas for your new business. Here are five recommended Egypt restaurant name generators that can save you time and inspire creativity:


1. Business Name Generator by Shopify:

Shopify's Business Name Generator is versatile and allows you to specify keywords related to Egypt or Egyptian cuisine. It provides a list of available domain names as well, which can be useful if you plan to establish an online presence.

2. NameMesh:

NameMesh offers a variety of options for generating restaurant names based on keywords, including categories like "New" or "Short." It can help you find unique and memorable names that resonate with Egyptian themes.

3. BrandBucket: 

BrandBucket specializes in creative business names and offers a curated selection of unique domain names. It allows you to search by industry or keyword, making it easier to find Egypt-inspired restaurant names that stand out.


4. Oberlo Business Name Generator:

Oberlo's Business Name Generator is user-friendly and allows you to generate restaurant names tailored to specific keywords or themes. It provides a wide range of suggestions that can spark ideas for your Egypt-themed restaurant.


5. Nameboy:

Nameboy is a popular tool for generating domain names and business names based on keywords. It offers suggestions that include keyword variations and combinations, helping you find catchy and relevant names for your Egypt restaurant.


These name generators can save you time by automating the brainstorming process and offering creative suggestions based on your preferences. They're especially useful if you're looking for specific themes like Egyptian culture or cuisine to reflect in your restaurant's name.

Reasons for selecting the right Egypt restaurant name is important for your business

Selecting the right restaurant name, especially in the context of Egypt or any cultural theme, is crucial for several reasons that impact your business:


1.      First Impression and Branding:

Your restaurant name is often the first impression customers have of your business. A well-chosen name can convey your restaurant's identity, ambiance, and cuisine. For an Egypt-themed restaurant, the name can evoke cultural richness, authenticity, and a sense of adventure, attracting customers interested in experiencing Egyptian cuisine and culture.


2.      Memorability and Recognition:

A catchy and memorable name makes it easier for customers to remember and recommend your restaurant to others. A strong name can become a key part of your brand identity, helping to differentiate your business in a competitive market.


3.      Reflects Your Concept and Menu:

The right name should align with your restaurant's concept and menu offerings. For example, if your restaurant specializes in traditional Egyptian dishes or modern interpretations of Egyptian cuisine, the name should reflect these themes to set accurate expectations for diners.


4.      Legal and Trademark Considerations:

 Choosing a unique name helps you avoid legal issues related to trademark infringement. It's important to conduct research to ensure that the name you select is not already in use by another business, especially in the same industry or geographical area.


5.      Marketing and Promotion:

Your restaurant name plays a crucial role in marketing and promotional efforts. A well-chosen name can attract media attention, facilitate effective advertising campaigns, and enhance your online presence through social media and search engine optimization (SEO).


6.      Customer Appeal and Engagement:

A compelling restaurant name can pique curiosity and generate interest among potential customers. It can create a positive association with your brand, encouraging customers to visit your establishment and share their experiences with others.


3 important things to consider before naming your Egypt  restaurant business 


When naming your Egypt-themed restaurant business, consider the following three important factors:


1.      Cultural Relevance and Authenticity: 

Ensure that the name reflects Egyptian culture authentically and respectfully. Consider incorporating elements such as Egyptian cuisine, historical landmarks, iconic figures, or symbols that resonate with the rich heritage of Egypt. This authenticity not only appeals to customers interested in experiencing Egyptian cuisine but also reinforces your restaurant's identity and uniqueness.


2.      Memorability and Pronunciation:

Choose a name that is easy to remember and pronounce. A memorable name helps customers recall your restaurant when recommending it to others or searching online. Avoid overly complex or obscure names that may confuse potential customers or make it difficult for them to remember.


3.      Availability and Legal Considerations:

Before finalizing the name, conduct thorough research to ensure it is not already in use by another restaurant or trademarked by another business, especially in the restaurant industry or within your geographical area. Check domain name availability for your website and social media handles to maintain consistency across your online presence.


Egypt Restaurant naming process checklist 

Research Phase:

1. Define Your Concept:

Clarify the theme and concept of your restaurant (e.g., traditional Egyptian cuisine, modern Egyptian fusion).

2. Understand Your Audience:

Identify your target demographic and what appeals to them about Egyptian cuisine and culture.


3. Competitor Analysis:

Research existing Egypt-themed restaurants in your area or online to understand naming trends and avoid duplication.


 Brainstorming Phase:

4. Keyword Exploration:

List keywords related to Egypt, Egyptian culture, and cuisine (e.g., Nile, pharaoh, pyramid, Sphinx, Cairo, Luxor).


5. Creative Session:

Brainstorm potential names based on the keywords and your restaurant concept. Aim for creativity and uniqueness.


 Evaluation Phase:

6. Cultural Relevance: Evaluate each potential name for its cultural relevance and authenticity to Egyptian themes.


7. Memorability:

Assess how easy the name is to remember and pronounce for your target audience.


8. Availability Check:

   Trademark Search: Verify that the name is not already trademarked in the restaurant industry. Ensure that relevant social media handles are available (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).


 Finalization Phase:

9. Feedback:

Seek feedback from friends, family, or potential customers on your shortlist of names.


10. Legal Considerations:

Consult with a legal professional to confirm the name complies with local laws and regulations.


11. Register and Secure:

Once you've chosen a name, register it with the appropriate authorities (business registration, domain registration, social media platforms).


12. Brand Consistency:

Ensure the chosen name aligns with your restaurant's brand identity and values.



13. Document Your Decision:

Keep a record of the chosen name, registration details, and any legal documentation.


 Launch and Marketing:

14. Launch Strategy:

Plan how you will announce and promote your new restaurant name to attract customers.


15. Online Presence:

Establish a strong online presence using your restaurant's name across website, social media, and local listings.


By following this checklist, you can methodically navigate the naming process for your Egypt-themed restaurant, ensuring the chosen name resonates with your target audience while complying with legal requirements and setting the stage for successful branding and marketing efforts.


Egypt restaurant name template


Here's a template you can use to create a name for your Egypt-themed restaurant:

[Adjective] + [Noun] + [Egyptian Element] 

For example: 

1. Golden Sphinx Grill

2. Mystic Nile Bistro

3. Pharaoh's Delight Cafe

4. Ancient Pyramid Kitchen

5. Cairo Spice House


This template allows you to combine descriptive words with elements of Egyptian culture or cuisine, creating a name that reflects the ambiance and offerings of your restaurant. Adjust the adjectives and nouns to suit the specific concept and theme you have in mind for your establishment.




In conclusion, naming your Egypt-themed restaurant is a critical decision that goes beyond mere branding—it establishes the identity and essence of your establishment. The process involves careful consideration of cultural relevance, memorability, and legal aspects to ensure your chosen name resonates with your target audience while setting you apart from competitors. By leveraging elements of Egyptian culture, cuisine, and historical significance, you can craft a name that not only attracts diners but also communicates the unique experience they can expect.


Moreover, a well-chosen restaurant name serves as a powerful marketing tool, aiding in customer recall and word-of-mouth recommendations. It shapes perceptions about the quality and authenticity of your offerings before guests even step through the door. Ensuring the name is easy to pronounce and memorable enhances its effectiveness in digital and social media marketing efforts, helping to build a strong online presence.


Lastly, documenting the naming process and ensuring legal compliance safeguards your business against potential trademark issues and supports long-term brand integrity. Whether evoking the majesty of the Nile or the mystique of ancient monuments, your restaurant's name should evoke curiosity, convey quality, and ultimately invite guests to experience the flavors and hospitality of Egypt in a memorable dining setting.



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