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12 Awesome Chef Tattoos You Need to See Before Getting Inked

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Chef Tattoo Culture:

Tattoo culture is wide and well known. As a Chef, your body inks exhibit grit, determination, and a passion for the craft.

In simple words, tattooing is about turning your body into a canvas and etching your favourite idea.

The tattoo will motivate you whenever you are down or having a bad day.

It will remind you of your purpose in life as a chef to deliver your absolute best whenever needed.

It will send a very strong message to others that you are serious about your business and you know what you are doing.

Here are 12 Awesome Chef Tattoos that can inspire you:

1. Chef tools tattoo

A trio of chef tools is the best tattoo to start off with. This makes all the way up to the list because of the elegance and some physics stuff that it has to do with. The circles around the tools may represent their working motion.

Source: Instagram

2. Chef Tools Tattoo (Minimalistic)

It is a graceful work of culinary tools in a minimalist approach. The lines and a little pastry bag are finely executed, making it an ideal tattoo for chefs who like simple and clean art over their bodies.

Source: Reddit

3. “Yes Chef” Tattoo

“Yes Chef” is probably the most heard phrase in any restaurant’s kitchen. After many years of training and commitment towards the craft, one gets to earn the title “Chef” and it can be proudly worn.

Image source: Pinterest

4. Chef Tattoo in knuckles

5. Chef Life Tattoo:

What’s better than cooking great food for others? Chefs are sexy and attractive when they cook. But it involves working long hours standing, with fewer breaks (Break time? Nah, we prep).

We know it's not easy, but still, you all do it with complete passion and energy. “Chef Life” tattoo is to celebrate your profession and most importantly, the Chef, you.

6. Chef Knife tattoo

An extremely simple and neat chef knife tattoo. As a chef, you may have this everlasting obsession with the kitchen knife. Go get ‘em.

Image source: Twitter

So, this is something that we can’t ignore. This chef knife tattoo has a beautiful night sky backdrop with moon and shooting stars, cycle, and wood direction boards.

Image source: Netluxury

7. Too many cooks tattoo

In 1575, the English historian John Hooker wrote The Life and Times of Sir Peter Carew. In that, he included the line: There is the proverb, the more cooks the worse potage.

When too many people work on the same thing, the result may be negatively affected. It’s better to keep the group small and make the goals clear to avoid conflicts & differences of opinion. This tattoo can be an authoritative signal and also quite quirky.

Image source: Instagram

8. Chef Hat tattoo:

Chef’s Hat is the crown you never take off. It represents your seniority, dedication, and commitment.

Image source: askideas

9. Chef Skull Tattoo:

Skulls usually represent the inevitability of death. When they are fused with the chef's universe they provide a meaning that you are proud of your profession and living your life to the fullest.

Image source: Instagram

10. Chef Tattoo Quotes

Anyone can cook, but only the fearless can be great - Chef Gusteau, Ratatouille. You can use any of your favourite quotes from any movies, books, or celebrity chefs. One other cool chef quote tattoo would be “mise en place”

Image source: okchicas

11. Chef Ingredients Tattoo

Here are some essential ingredients that make up a chef.

Image Source: Lazy Penguins

12. Food Tattoo for Chef

Some stunning visual arts of fruits & vegetables are a no-brainer for chefs who love food.

Image Source: Pinterest

Chef Tattoo ideas to inspire you more

You can etch your favourite memories, journey, and other important stuff that are close to your heart.

A few other places where you could search and seek inspiration for your chef tattoos are Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and our very own Big G (Google images)

Specifically, on Instagram, you can get more chef tattoo designs by typing #cheftattoo in the Instagram search bar. It would fetch you a few thousands of images that can really inspire you.

Few things to remember before getting your chef tattoo:

Getting inked is a quite painful process. It’s best if you do not have sensitive skin.

Tattoos are mostly permanent. It would stay forever unless you’d like laser therapy to get rid of them.

Choose the right tattoo that you would always want to relate to. Not something for instant gratification.

Get to know the post-tattoo procedures from your artist and make sure you stick to them.

And hey, once you get inked, send it across to us. We’d love to have a look at your art. Umm, probably you may even get featured in our list of Chef Tattoos. See you on the other side!

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