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267+ Best Asian Restaurant Names to Inspire You (Examples & Templates Included)

Have you ever walked by an Asian restaurant and found yourself drawn in by its name alone? There's something captivating about these names that beckons us to step inside and discover the culinary treasures within.

Join us on a journey as we explore the fascinating world of Asian restaurant names, where each name tells a story of culture, tradition, and innovation.From the graceful simplicity of Japanese izakayas to the lively energy of Chinese dim sum spots, these names are more than just words – they're invitations to embark on a culinary adventure unlike any other.

Together, we'll peel back the layers and uncover the rich tapestry of flavors and experiences that await behind each name.

So, if you're ready to tantalize your taste buds and ignite your sense of wanderlust, come along as we dive deep into the enchanting world of Asian restaurant names. Get ready to be captivated, inspired, and hungry for more.

Why is it important to select the right Asian restaurant name for your business:

Selecting the right Asian restaurant name is crucial for your business for several reasons:

First Impressions:

Your restaurant's name is often the first impression customers have of your establishment. A well-chosen name can immediately convey the type of cuisine you offer and create a positive association with potential customers.


A catchy and memorable name can stick in customers' minds, making it more likely that they'll remember your restaurant when deciding where to dine. This can lead to repeat business and word-of-mouth recommendations.

Brand Identity:

Your restaurant's name is a key component of your brand identity. It sets the tone for the atmosphere and experience you want to create for your customers. Whether you're aiming for a traditional, upscale, or trendy vibe, your name should reflect that.

Cultural Significance:

Asian cuisine is rich in culture and tradition, and your restaurant's name can pay homage to that heritage. A name that resonates with the cultural roots of your cuisine can attract customers who are seeking an authentic dining experience.

Competitive Edge:

In a saturated market, a unique and compelling name can help your restaurant stand out from the competition. It can pique curiosity and draw customers in, giving you an edge in attracting diners.

Online Presence:

Your restaurant's name plays a crucial role in its online presence. It's what customers will search for when looking for reviews, menus, and directions. A well-chosen name can improve your search engine visibility and make it easier for customers to find you online.

Overall, selecting the right Asian restaurant name is not just about choosing a label – it's about crafting an identity, making a memorable impression, and ultimately driving success for your business.

Creative Asian Restaurant Names:

  • Wok & Roll

  • Bamboo Bistro

  • Sizzle & Spice

  • Lotus Garden

  • Chopsticks & Chill

  • Dragon's Den

  • Zen Fusion

  • Golden Dynasty

  • Red Lantern

  • Silk Road Kitchen

  • East Meets West Eatery

  • Saigon Street Eats

  • Ming's Palace

  • Bamboo Grove

  • Spice Route Bistro

  • Tokyo Terrace

  • Dynasty Delights

  • Jade Palace

  • Dragonfly Dining

  • Lantern Lounge

  • Oriental Oasis

  • Spice Island Grill

  • Pagoda Pantry

  • Silk Savor

  • Blossom Bites

Remember, a dash of creativity can go a long way in setting your restaurant apart from the competition and leaving a lasting impression on your patrons.

Adding such playful elements not only adds fun to your restaurant's identity but also showcases your creativity and passion for providing a unique dining experience.

Unique Restaurant Names

  • Saffron Serenade

  • Umami Utopia

  • Bamboo Blossom Bistro

  • Spice Symphony

  • Tranquil Tastes Teahouse

  • Jade Dragon Delights

  • Lotus Leaf Lounge

  • Sakura Savor

  • Mystic Noodle House

  • Zen Zest Cuisine

  • Tiger Lily Terrace

  • Golden Mango Garden

  • Phoenix Flame Feast

  • Orchid Oasis Eatery

  • Bamboo Bay Banquet

  • Lotus Lantern Lounge

  • Red Panda Retreat

  • Bamboo Bridge Bistro

  • Silk Saffron Supperclub

  • Dragonfly Diner

  • Moonlit Miso

  • Bamboo Breeze Bistro

  • Ginger Grove Grill

  • Lotus Lagoon Lounge

  • Emerald Enclave Eatery

Each of these names evokes a sense of Asian culture, cuisine, and ambiance, offering a unique and memorable identity for your restaurant.

Puns Asian Restaurant Names:

Wok This Way

Stir Fryday

Soy Joy Eatery

Rice Rice Baby

Wonton Wonders

Let's Thai the Knot

Miso Hungry

Pho Sho Noodle Bar

Rollin' Sushi

Dim Sum Diner

Curry in a Hurry

Ramen Roundup

The Spice of Rice

Naan Better Indian Cuisine

Sushi Soiree

Dumpling Delights

Tempura Temptations

Seoul Food Station

Chop Chop Chinese Kitchen

Thai Me Up Restaurant

These playful names add a touch of humor and charm to your restaurant's branding, making it more memorable for customers.

Asian Restaurant Names with Cultural References

Samurai Sushi Bar

Forbidden City Feast

Kimono Kitchen

Geisha Grill

Dragon's Lair Dining

Himalayan Heights

Mongolian Nomad Noodles

Taj Mahal Tandoori

Great Wall Gourmet

Zen Garden Eats

Han Dynasty Dining

Bali Bliss Bistro

Thai Temple Taste

Bamboo Buddha Bites

Pagoda Palace Pantry

Hanoi Hideaway

Lotus Blossom Banquet

Kyoto Kuisine

Bollywood Bites

Himalayan Spice Shack

These names draw inspiration from various Asian cultures, landmarks, and traditions, offering a taste of the rich cultural heritage associated with Asian cuisine.

Asian Restaurant Names with great rhyming

Noodle Doodle Bistro

Wok Talk Café

Dim Sum Fun

Sushi Slushy Shack

Rice Spice Paradise

Ramen Rendezvous

Chopstick Hopstick

Pho Sho Bistro

Dumpling Dazzle

Curry Furry Eatery

Tempura Dreama

Stir-Fry Sky High

Bao Wow Chow

Wonton Won Ton

Pad Thai Fly

Szechuan Swan Song

Kimchi Munchi Bunch

Tea Tree Glee

Miso Bliss Bistro

Dragon Wagon Café

These names not only have great rhyming but also add a fun and playful element to your Asian restaurant's branding.

Asian Restaurant Names with Perfect alliterations

Bamboo Blossom Bistro

Sizzling Szechuan

Mandarin Morsels

Tokyo Tango Tavern

Dim Sum Delight

Zen Zest Cuisine

Seoul Spice Station

Wonton Wonderland

Noodle Nirvana

Chopstick Charm

Kimchi Kingdom

Miso Marvels

Lotus Leaf Lounge

Dragon Dumpling Den

Thai Terrace Treats

Sushi Symphony

Golden Ginger Grill

Panda Palace Pantry

Bamboo Breeze Bistro

Rice Rocket Ramen

These names use alliteration to create memorable and catchy restaurant names that are perfect for Asian cuisine establishments.

Catchy Asian Restaurant Names:

Wok Star Diner

Noodle Ninja Nook

Spice Safari

Dragonfly Delights

Chop Chop Chomp

Savor Asia

Miso Masterclass

Bamboo Bliss Bistro

Zenith Zen Garden

Flavors of Asia Cafe

Fire & Rice Restaurant

Sizzle Spot

Chopstick Charm

Lotus Blossom Bites

Pan-Asian Paradise

Dragon's Den Diner

Asian Aura Eatery

Flavor Fusion Hub

Lucky Tiger Tavern

Wok on Fire

These names are meant to be attention-grabbing and memorable, ensuring that your Asian restaurant stands out and draws customers in with its catchy name.

Fancy Asian restaurant names

Orchid Opulence Dining

Imperial Lotus Lounge

Dynasty Delicacies

Mandarin Moonlight Manor

Sakura Sushi Salon

Golden Dragon Gastronomy

Zenith Zenith Cuisine

Royal Jasmine Bistro

Celestial Silk Supper Club

Lotus Blossom Banquet Hall

Dynasty Dynasty Dining

Bamboo Palace Gourmet

Pearl of the Orient Brasserie

Majestic Mandarin Mansion

Zen Garden Grandeur

Oriental Oasis Elegance

Golden Pagoda Pavilion

Dragon's Crest Culinary

Bamboo Grove Grand Dining

Royal Tea Terrace

These names evoke a sense of elegance, sophistication, and luxury, perfect for a fancy Asian restaurant aiming to provide a premium dining experience.

Seafood Asian restaurant names

Oceanic Orient Oyster Bar

Seaside Sushi Shack

Pearl of the Pacific Grill

Saltwater Serenade Sushi

Coral Cove Cuisine

Seabreeze Seafood Savor

Mariner's Market Grill

Wavefront Wok & Grill

Nautical Nosh Nook

Neptune's Nourishment

Seashell Sushi Supperclub

Tidal Taste Tavern

Seafood Symphony

Catch of the Orient

Fisherman's Fare Feast

Seafarer's Sushi Spot

Coastal Cravings Cuisine

Aqua Asian Bistro

Oceanic Oyster Oasis

Seaside Spice Seafood

These names reflect the focus on seafood while incorporating Asian culinary influences, creating a unique and enticing dining experience for seafood lovers.

Modern Asian restaurant names

Urban Wok Fusion

Street Spice Society

Trendy Tiger Tapas

Metro Miso Cafe

Fusion Flare Eatery

Mod Asian Bites

Zen Zone Kitchen

Urban Lotus Lounge

Contemporary Chopstick

Modern Bamboo Bistro

Urban Spice Street

Chic Sushi Society

Trendy Tofu Tavern

Urban Noodle Nook

Modish Miso Magic

Urban Zen Dining

Stylish Soy Supperclub

Hip Tiger Terrace

Contemporary Curry Cuisine

Urban Asian Eats

These names reflect a modern, trendy approach to Asian cuisine, catering to the preferences of contemporary diners while still embracing the rich flavors and traditions of Asian cooking.

Fine Dining Asian restaurant names

Silk & Spice Soiree

Lotus Leaf Fine Cuisine

Imperial Dragon Delights

Jade Palace Gastronomy

Sakura Symphony Dining

Dynasty Dining Room

Golden Bamboo Brasserie

Royal Orchid Retreat

Opulent Orient Oasis

Pearl of Asia Fine Dining

Celestial Silk Supper Club

Imperial Mandarin Manor

Zenith Zen Garden

Royal Lotus Lounge

Golden Pagoda Pavilion

Majestic Dragon Dining

Bamboo Blossom Banquet

Serene Lotus Supper Club

Imperial Pearl Pavilion

Orchid Opulence Dining

These names evoke a sense of luxury, elegance, and sophistication, perfect for a fine dining establishment offering exquisite Asian cuisine and impeccable service.

Cool Asian restaurant names

Chill Wok Cafe

Urban Bamboo Bistro

Zen Fusion Lounge

Street Spice Kitchen

Bamboo Beat Eatery

Chillax Noodle Bar

Urban Tiger Tavern

Sizzle & Spice Spot

Cool Koi Cuisine

Bamboo Boulevard Bistro

Wok 'n' Roll Lounge

Urban Lotus Nook

Chill Sushi Society

Zenith Zen Grill

Bamboo Bash Brasserie

Cool Curry Corner

Urban Dragon Dining

Chill Mango Cafe

Street Spice Shack

Zen Zone Eatery

These names exude a sense of laid-back coolness and modernity, perfect for a trendy Asian restaurant that offers a relaxed atmosphere and delicious cuisine.

Asian Restaurant Names based on food

Noodle Nest

Dumpling Delight

Rice Bowl Retreat

Sushi Sensation

Curry Cove

Wok Wonderland

Tempura Temptation

Bao Bliss

Pho Paradise

Ramen Royale

Dim Sum Delish

Satay Sanctuary

Bibimbap Bliss

Pad Thai Palace

Spring Roll Haven

Samosa Spot

Yakitori Yard

Banh Mi Bliss

Kimchi Kingdom

Curry Craze

These names highlight specific Asian dishes, showcasing the diverse and delicious offerings available at your restaurant.

Asian Restaurant Names based on nature

Bamboo Grove Bistro

Lotus Leaf Lounge

Orchid Oasis Eatery

Jade Garden Grill

Sakura Terrace

Bamboo Bridge Bistro

Dragonfly Dining

Lotus Pond Cafe

Bamboo Forest Bites

Zen Zenith Cuisine

Orchid Retreat Restaurant

Lotus Blossom Banquet

Bamboo Bay Brasserie

Jade Mountain Grill

Sakura Savor Supper Club

Dragon's Nest Nook

Bamboo Breeze Bistro

Lotus Lagoon Lounge

Zen Garden Eats

Orchid Oasis Bistro

These names evoke a sense of tranquility, beauty, and natural elements, reflecting the serene ambiance and fresh flavors of Asian cuisine.

Asian Restaurant Names Based on movie references

Ramen Run Cafe (inspired by "Blade Runner")

Sushi Wars Bistro (inspired by "Star Wars")

Spirited Away Sushi Bar (inspired by "Spirited Away")

Dumpling District Diner (inspired by "The Hunger Games")

Kung Fu Kitchen (inspired by "Kung Fu Panda")

Memoirs of a Geisha Grill (inspired by "Memoirs of a Geisha")

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Wok (inspired by "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon")

Mulan's Mulan (inspired by "Mulan")

Totoro's Tea House (inspired by "My Neighbor Totoro")

In the Mood for Sushi (inspired by "In the Mood for Love")

Noodle Nemo Nook (inspired by "Finding Nemo")

Crazy Rich Asian Cuisine (inspired by "Crazy Rich Asians")

Jurassic Wok (inspired by "Jurassic Park")

Memoirs of a Ramen Samurai (inspired by "Memoirs of a Geisha")

Mr. Miyagi's Miso (inspired by "The Karate Kid")

These names add a fun and nostalgic touch to your Asian restaurant, appealing to fans of these iconic movies while also conveying the essence of Asian cuisine.

Asian Restaurant Names Based on songs

Sushi Serenade Cafe (inspired by "Serenade" by Steve Miller Band)

Wok This Way Bistro (inspired by "Walk This Way" by Aerosmith)

Udon Know Me Nook (inspired by "You Don't Know Me" by Ray Charles)

Curry On My Wayward Son (inspired by "Carry On Wayward Son" by Kansas)

Bohemian Rhapsody Ramen (inspired by "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen)

Stir Fry Like a G6 (inspired by "Like a G6" by Far East Movement)

Tofu Tango Terrace (inspired by "Tango" by Goran Bregović)

Let's Get Pho-cused (inspired by "Let's Get It Started" by The Black Eyed Peas)

Miso Magic Melodies (inspired by "Magic Melodies" by Mami Kawada)

Ramen in the Deep (inspired by "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele)

Sweet and Sour Symphony (inspired by "Sweet Symphony" by The Verve)

Noodle Night Fever (inspired by "Night Fever" by Bee Gees)

Curry Cabana Celebration (inspired by "Celebration" by Kool & the Gang)

Wok on the Wild Side (inspired by "Walk on the Wild Side" by Lou Reed)

Dim Sum Summertime (inspired by "Summertime" by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince)

These names infuse musical inspiration into your Asian restaurant, creating a memorable and catchy branding that resonates with music lovers and food enthusiasts alike.

Funny Asian restaurant names

Prawn to be Wild

Pho King Delicious

Wok's Up, Doc?

Won-Ton of Fun

The Rolling Bao

Soy Division

Sushi-licious Shenanigans

General Tso's Hipster

The Noodlery

Chopstick Comedy Club

Kimchi Chronicles

Dim Sum Daze

Wok This Wei

Szechuan Surprise Shack

The Laughing Dumpling

Ramen Rascal's

Bao Down to Me

The Great Sushi Escape

Wok Around the Clock

Pho-get About It

These names add a playful and humorous twist to your Asian restaurant, creating a fun and memorable dining experience for your customers.

Here are five great Asian restaurant name generators that can save you tons of time in brainstorming and coming up with creative names:


NameMesh is a versatile business name generator that offers various categories, including food and drink. It generates unique and available domain names based on your input keywords, making it ideal for finding catchy Asian restaurant names.


BizNameWiz is a user-friendly business name generator that provides a wide range of suggestions tailored to your preferences. It allows you to specify keywords, select preferred word lengths, and choose from different categories, such as food and beverage, to generate relevant and memorable names for your Asian restaurant.


Wordlab is a comprehensive naming resource that offers a business name generator among its tools. It provides an extensive database of name suggestions and allows you to filter results by industry, including restaurants and food, to find the perfect name for your Asian dining establishment.


BrandBucket is a marketplace for brandable domain names, but it also offers a helpful business name generator. You can input keywords related to your Asian restaurant, and it will generate unique and catchy names along with available domain names, simplifying the process of branding your restaurant.


Namelix utilizes artificial intelligence to generate business names based on your preferences and input keywords. It offers a sleek and intuitive interface, allowing you to quickly generate a list of potential names for your Asian restaurant and helping you save time in the naming process.

These name generators can be valuable tools in your quest to find the perfect name for your Asian restaurant, offering a wide range of creative suggestions and streamlining the naming process.

Asian Restaurant naming process checklist

Creating a checklist can help streamline the Asian restaurant naming process and ensure that you consider all essential factors. Here's a suggested checklist:

  1. Define Your Concept:

  • Determine the type of Asian cuisine you'll specialize in (e.g., Chinese, Japanese, Thai).

  • Decide on the atmosphere and dining experience you want to offer (e.g., casual, fine dining, street food).

  1. Identify Your Target Audience:

  • Consider demographics such as age, income level, and cultural background.

  • Determine the preferences and expectations of your target customers regarding cuisine and dining experience.

  1. Brainstorm Keywords:

  • List keywords related to Asian cuisine, culture, and dining experience.

  • Include ingredients, cooking techniques, cultural symbols, and geographical references.

  1. Research Competitors:

  • Identify existing Asian restaurants in your area.

  • Analyze their names, branding, and positioning in the market.

  • Look for gaps or opportunities for differentiation.

  1. Check Availability:

  • Ensure that the name you choose is not already trademarked or in use by another business.

  • Verify the availability of domain names and social media handles associated with your chosen name.

  1. Consider Branding:

  • Evaluate how well potential names align with your restaurant's branding strategy.

  • Assess the visual appeal and memorability of each name.

  • Consider how the name will translate into logo design and marketing materials.

  1. Test the Name:

  • Share potential names with friends, family, or focus groups to gather feedback.

  • Consider conducting surveys or polls to gauge public perception of different name options.

  1. Finalize the Name:

  • Choose a name that resonates with your target audience, aligns with your concept, and reflects your brand identity.

  • Ensure that the name is easy to pronounce, spell, and remember.

  • Confirm availability of the chosen name for registration and branding purposes.

  1. Legal Considerations:

  • Register your chosen name as a business entity.

  • Consider trademarking the name to protect your brand identity.

  • Ensure compliance with local regulations and licensing requirements.

  1. Create a Launch Plan:

  • Develop a marketing strategy to introduce your restaurant to the public.

  • Plan a grand opening event or promotional activities to generate buzz around your new restaurant name.

By following this checklist, you can systematically navigate the Asian restaurant naming process and choose a name that sets the stage for success in the competitive culinary industry.

Asian restaurant name template

Here's a template you can use to create an Asian restaurant name:

[Adjective/Noun] + [Cuisine Element] + [Optional: Cultural Reference/Location/Additional Element]

Example 1:

  • Adjective/Noun: Bamboo

  • Cuisine Element: Kitchen

  • Cultural Reference/Location/Additional Element: Terrace

Name: Bamboo Kitchen Terrace

Example 2:

  • Adjective/Noun: Golden

  • Cuisine Element: Dragon

  • Cultural Reference/Location/Additional Element: Palace

Name: Golden Dragon Palace

Example 3:

  • Adjective/Noun: Spice

  • Cuisine Element: Fusion

  • Cultural Reference/Location/Additional Element: Garden

Name: Spice Fusion Garden

Feel free to mix and match different elements to create a unique and memorable name for your Asian restaurant!

Selecting the perfect name for your Asian restaurant is a crucial step in defining its identity, attracting customers, and standing out in a competitive market.

By considering factors such as cuisine type, target audience, branding strategy, and cultural references, you can craft a name that resonates with diners and reflects the essence of your culinary offerings.

Whether you opt for a traditional, modern, playful, or sophisticated name, ensure that it aligns with your restaurant's concept and leaves a lasting impression on patrons.

With careful consideration and creativity, your Asian restaurant name can become a memorable symbol of the unique dining experience you offer.

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